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Move & Study specialises in crafting unforgettable school trips for groups of all ages.
With a passion for education and a commitment to broadening horizons, we take students on remarkable journeys that transcend the classroom, fostering cultural understanding, personal growth, and global citizenship.

We understand the power of experiential learning outside the classroom, and we tailor each trip specifically to the school's needs and objectives, providing students with immersive educational experiences that will create long-lasting memories.

always bespoke!

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School Trips

We accompany school groups of all ages and sizes, from 10 to over 200 students to all destinations.
We take care of every aspect of your trip, from designing the programme to sourcing the providers, collaborating closely with educators and group leaders to understand their specific goals, preferences, and budget constraints.

Adult Groups

We work with groups of all ages and have years of experience organising trips for adults: universities, corporate organisations, private groups, 50+...
Move & Study carefully designes itineraries that align with curriculum goals such as language and specialist course programmes, but can also offer your leisure tours to explore a new destination.


Move & Study is a recognised member of ABELIO in Belgium and L’Office in France.Qualilty accreditation

ABELIO is a union of professional organisations in the field of linguistic and educational immersion stays.

ABELIO members guarantee strict compliance, by themselves and by their partners, with all the laws, regulations and standards applicable to immersion stays, in terms of consumption, health, administrative formalities, medical insurance, etc.

Label quality

L’Office selects the most serious organisers of linguistic and educational stays, on the basis of the Quality Contract, of which they are signatories.

All organisations with the “Quality Contract” label undertake to provide supervision, accommodation, transport, lessons, activities, general organization, 24-hour monitoring and prior information.

L’Office diligent controls in France and abroad to ensure compliance with its strict and binding quality criteria for organizations. Thus, L’Office guarantees the highest level of quality and safety of stays for parents and participants.

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